Sitemap - 2023 - Aly Walansky's Newsletter

Wednesday: Exciting news to share -- and what I'm working on this final week of 2023.

TGIF! Here's what I'm working on before you run out the door to make cookies for Santa...

Monday: Rounding out the year with a TON of new assignments (Including Valentine's Day 2024 gift guides!)

Monday: Everything I'm working on this week + You asked, I answer: The gifts editors and writers REALLY want to receive this year

Industry Insights: Now's your chance to grab the recording of our Valentine's Day gift guide AMA session!

Thursday: My fun Hanukkah gift to all of you + all going on this week!

Monday: New assignments, newly published stories, new job leads! Also: Our big V-Day gift guide AMA is just a few days away

Industry Insights: A quick explainer on Uber vouchers and why they are so helpful when planning your press event.

Friday: I'm back in Miami!

Wednesday: Hello from...somewhere in the ocean!

Monday: Stepping out of your comfort zone -- and into the ocean?!

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Monday: Back in NYC and the Thanksgiving countdown is ON!

Thursday: Announcing a new Zoom AMA -- with a very special co-host!

Wednesday: Everything happening in Dallas this week (a lot!) + sourcing for a handful of new assignments!

Monday: Starting the week with an in-flight newsletter -- see you soon, Dallas!

Industry Insights: A Note On Scheduling Emails

Wednesday: Giving thanks -- and my special Friendsgiving sale is now live!

Monday: All my latest published gift guides + upcoming travel and more!

Industry Insights: Best Practices For Getting Into Those Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guides This Season

Wednesday: How to stay motivated when it feels like the world is falling apart.

Tuesday: Gearing up for Halloween (and everything on tap on this witches' brew of a week)

Thursday: Walking in Memphis, tons of new kitchenware-related content, and more!

Industry Insights: Best Practices When Sending Journalists Restaurant Drop-Offs and Packages

Monday: New podcast appearance + positive press + new stories in the works!

Wednesday: Upcoming travel, an important gift this holiday, resources, and what I'm working on (HGGs!)

Monday: How I spent some time honoring life this weekend, and also everything I'm working on going into this week.

Industry Insights: Useful Resources For Freelancers (In Any Field!)

Wednesday: My latest podcast appearance + NYCWFF, new live content, and important resources to share

Monday: The crisis in Israel -- how we can all help. Also: Everything on my desk this week (There's a lot!)

Friday: So much to talk about today! Last night's event, new assignments - including three new HGGs I'm working on!

Tuesday: Fun newly published content -- including one of my favorite secret travel hacks. Also: New assignments!

Monday: Back in NYC! Lots of pending assignments this week + newly published content, upcoming travel and events, and more!

Wednesday: Hello from Austin! Lots of new assignments brewing....

Tuesday: It's a busy travel day! Plus loads of newly published stories.

Friday: Unexpected pairings, delightful sightings, upcoming travel and lots of newly published stories

Tuesday: TONS of new assignments + newly published stories + a fun social media feature about, well, ME!

Industry Insights: Please keep these photo submission guidelines in mind when pitching holiday gift guides

Friday: L'shanah tovah! (And I'm back in Brooklyn!)

Tuesday: Hello from Charleston!

Yesterday's HGG Webinar was fantastic -- and you can now catch the recording here!

Wednesday: Seeking RDs and MDs to comment for new (very timely!) open source request

Tuesday: And we're back! Busy week -- newly published stories, job leads, source requests, and more!

Thursday: There's Still A Way To Tune In For Our Sold-Out HGG Workshop!

Tuesday: Exciting update + newly published stories

Save the Date: Upcoming Holiday Gift Guide AMA!

Monday: My latest cocktail roundup is now live + upcoming stories, what I'm working on this week, and more upcoming!

Industry Insights: Everything You Need To Know About Pitching Your Client For Holiday Gift Guides

Wednesday: A night of sipping (and spinning), plus newly published stories + more!

Monday: Back In NYC -- here's some updates re: newly pending stories, upcoming travel, and more.

TGIF: We need to take a moment to discuss the difference between a "sample" and a "gift"

Thursday: Why it's so important to read calls for sources carefully, and newly published stories!

Tuesday: A piece I'm very excited about is now live! Plus: Travel-ready nail update, a penny for your (laptop case) thoughts, and more!

Monday: From this week's travels to a poignant new piece, a lot to share!

Industry Insights: It's so important to check the calendar before scheduling events.

Wednesday: One of the most exciting interview pieces I've done in a long time + check out my appearance this week on Eat. Drink. Social!

Monday: So much newly published content to share today -- including my roundup of my favorite NYC bagels!

Thursday: My latest podcast appearance is live! + check out my coverage of all the hottest deals for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Tuesday: Timely story sourcing -- please send me all your National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day deals ASAP (Plus everything else I'm working on!)

Monday: It'll be a busy week. Lots on the schedule and many new pending stories!

Industry Insights: Here's three different emails you do NOT want to send a journalist after a story is published.

Wednesday: On the road again + new pending assignments!

Monday: Celebrating a very special day today + job leads and newly published stories!

Industry Insights: Taking some time to update those contact lists (and why it matters)

Thursday: A real-life cautionary note to travel PR about why vetting journalists is more important than ever.

Wednesday: The real reason pitching via text or social media is a bad idea, plus exciting news and newly pending stories!

Monday: ASAP need for derm source for quick-turnaround story + photo submission guidelines and a fun new oyster-centric feature!

Industry Insights: The right (and wrong) way to send journalists images

Friday: Ending the week with a lot going on in the media world...

Wednesday: The guide every caviar lover needs to read + job leads and newly published stories!

Monday: Back in NYC and lots of work to do...

Wednesday: Hello from the sky! Check out my latest podcast appearance + other very exciting news!

Wednesday: Seeking chef and RD commentary for several new assignments + gearing up for a busy summer.

Monday: I'm working on a guide to the best bagels in NYC -- now is your chance to share your fave!

Industry Insights: It's time to discuss the difference between EOD and COB -- and why that matters.

Friday: Urgent need for RDs and chefs to comment for quick-turnaround food stories

Thursday: Cosmo riffs in time for your 'And Just Like That...' viewing party, a job lead, and newly published content!

Wednesday: So much going on this week + check out my new refer-a-friend bonuses (Who doesn't love sharing love?!)

Tuesday: Please check out my latest pending story needs (and here's what I'm watching this week!)

Friday: Questions answered -- best practices for developing a better working relationship. Also: Happy first anniversary to the Dirty Aly (and 3 more fun ways to celebrate National Martini Day)

Thursday: Thanks so much for attending my AMA this morning -- more to come, and lots to chat about!

Wednesday: A cautionary tale on travel reimbursements, and more!

Tuesday: Droughtlander is about to end...are you ready?

Monday: Fun new pending assignments, upcoming F&B-focused AMA Zoom, and newly published content

Industry Insights: A Guide To Planning A Virtual Cooking or Cocktail Class (Yes, Those Are Still A Thing!)

Friday: On those unexpected perishable deliveries, upcoming Zoom discussion, and more!

Thursday: HUGE subscription discount for one day only + pending stories, what is going on this week, and more.

Wednesday: So much to talk about today -- and it's all good stuff!

Tuesday: Dirty martini ... chicken?! (Yup, I went there...) + lots of newly published content.

Saturday happenings: Ever hear of a spicy pillow?

Friday: TGIF indeed.

Industry Insights: How to Host the Perfect Group Press Trip

Wednesday: The value of 'playing show and tell' when sending pitches.

Tuesday: Check out my latest podcast guest appearance! Also: Tons of newly published Father's Day content + new stories I'm working on this week.

Wednesday: Why hitting recall on emails doesn't work how you may think it does. Also: What I'm currently working on!

Tuesday: Seeking RD to comment for new assignment + newly published stories and more!

Monday: Newly published Father's Day gift guides + pending assignments on this holiday week!

Industry Insights: What is typical lead time for a story?

Friday: A new-to-me outlet, fun podcast news, and another reader question answered!

Industry Insights: It's time we chatted about the hidden costs of press trips

Wednesday: Questions answered, some fun events I attended this week, and more!

Tuesday: A fun call-to-action for subscribers and what I'm working on today.

Monday: First Father's Day gift guide of the season has published and many more to come + everything I'm working on so far for this week

Industry Insights: Avoiding waste when sending PR packages

Friday: Please pitch me for my pending Father's Day gift guides ASAP - also, a cautionary note about sending messengers.

Thursday: Last night was AMAZING + also: job leads, newly published stories, and what I'm working on this week

Tuesday: I'm back from London and we have so much to chat about!

Monday: Hello from somewhere up in the clouds!

Friday: Hello from London! Also: MANY new assignments pending and newly published stories

Industry Insights: Try To Avoid These Press Trip Red Flags

Wednesday: Did you know a watermelon was considered a berry?

Tuesday: So much going on this week -- and an invite for those of you in NYC!

Monday: Some administrative reminders + new stories

Industry Insights: Here's How To Make It Pretty Likely Your Emails Will NOT Get A Response

Thursday: Preparing dinner should be nothing to cry over. (and other newly live content!)

Wednesday: In my latest story, I do a deep dive into the blue matcha trend (and why you need to give it a try)

Tuesday: Don't plan your coronation viewing party without reading my new cocktail roundup first!

Monday: Back from Ireland and lots of new content to share!

Industry Insights: Here's Why You Need To Check Out Substack Notes

Industry Insights: 5 Press Trip Invite Do's and Don'ts (Part 1 of 5)

Thursday: Nothing makes work get busy like being busy (BUNCHES more assignments pending!)

Wednesday: Sláinte from Dublin! But also some new assignments are in the works...

Tuesday: Some of my Mother's Day gift guides are now live!

Monday: Some quick tips on how to write more effective email subjects and pitch intros + here's what I'm working on going into this busy week!

Friday: A week of big wins deserves a weekend of fun (and a martini)

Wednesday: Today's AMA Zoom Workshop Was A Smashing Success + I have an urgent need for chefs to comment for multiple stories.

Tuesday: New HGG assignments pending, including both Mother's Day AND Father's Day content.

DON'T MISS OUT: RSVP Now For Wednesday's Press Trip AMA

Monday: SO MANY assignments pending and in need of expert sources + here's what I have been cooking!

Thursday: Happy Passover (and LOTS of new pending stories seeking expert input + Mother's day gift guides!)

Tuesday: A bunch of new Mother's Day gift guide assignments -- also here's my latest published stories.

Monday: From matzo ice cream to coronation countdown, lots to chat about!

Friday: So much exciting news to share!

Thursday: Expert commentary needed for several new assignments!

Wednesday: As promised, I'm sharing a cherished family recipe. Also: Work stuff.

Tuesday: Making the time to build those connections -- and why it's SO worth it.

So much going on this week -- time to have a productive Monday!

Industry Insights: April Fool's Day is coming's how to be prepared

Thursday: Seeking expert sources for a bunch of new pending assignments!

Wednesday: I tried that new AI headshot website and...this is not the future we were promised. Also: Need chef commentary for a new story!

Tuesday: So THIS happened yesterday and the teenager inside me was SCREAMING

Monday: Newly published content, and all my pending assignments for this week

Industry Insights: Exclusive, Embargo, And More Terms To Avoid Using In Pitches To Journalists Unless Using Them Correctly (Part 1)

Thursday: Cheerio, I have to go practice my curtsy.

Wednesday: Exciting news about our next AMA + loads of new pending assignments!

Tuesday: Seeking expert commentary and pitches for several new stories

Monday: Just another manic Monday...

Industry Insights: How To Stay Connected With Your Media Relationships

Friday: Learning to move away from that scarcity mindset

Thursday: Finding encouragement in a pretty unexpected place

Wednesday: Happy International Women's Day! Also: New job leads and newly published stories!

Tuesday: How did we survive before mobile technology?

Monday: Sourcing for several stories tied to the upcoming spring holidays!

Industry Insights: Here's Why You Weren't Included In That Story

Thursday: The night that I pregamed a seltzer party by tasting rare tequila. Also: Lots of newly published stories!

Wednesday: A quick explainer on Uber vouchers and why they are so helpful.

Tuesday: It’s so trippy to see snow falling while applying aloe to your still-fresh sunburn.

Monday: I'm back from Miami and there's SO much to talk about!

Friday: Hello From Miami! Also: A newly published piece that combines all my loves in one story!

Industry Insights: Some Of The Biggest PR Questions About All Those Media Layoffs...Answered

Wednesday: Taking those lemons life throws at you and using them to make a yummy sorbet. Because, why not?

Tuesday: It's Mardi Gras!

Industry Insights: Preserving The Security Of Your Twitter Account Just Became An Emergency Situation

Thursday: Need chef input for quick email Q&A (TODAY). Plus: A bunch of new job leads!

Wednesday: A primer (and reminder) on why e-mail pitches are always best

Tuesday: Need celeb chefs to interview for 4 new stories + new job leads!

Monday: Here's what I thought was the most successful commercial during the big game (and it teaches us a lesson about branding and celebrity tie-ins).

Industry Insights: What We Can Learn About Pitching By Watching Super Bowl Commercials

Friday: The closest you'll ever see to me writing about sports. Clearly, sparkling wine was involved.

Thursday: Where to score the best National Pizza Day deals, and everything else I'm working on right now.

Key Takeaways From Monday's Zoom Session: A Frank Discussion About AI and Media

Tuesday: My latest podcast guest appearance is now live! Also: Thanks so much for yesterday's AMAZING Zoom turnout + more pending stories!

Monday: It's AMA Zoom Day! Also: New assignments, newly published stories, and A BLIND ITEM JOB LEAD.

Industry Insights: Why It's Important For Freelancers To Seek Out Anchor Clients

Thursday: Good morning from NOLA + here's what is on my (life and work!) agenda

Wednesday: Breaking news about our next AMA Zoom (er A-US-A Zoom?) Also: Hello From (Somewhere In) The Sky!

Tuesday: Wrapping up some big stories today. Also: New job leads, and tell me about your Super Bowl cocktails!

Monday: How to (quickly!) tidy up your inbox, and everything I'm working on going into this week

Industry Insights: Some Useful Resources For Freelancers

Friday: Here's why I have confidence that creative, original writing will survive the onslaught of AI

Thursday: New assignments for Southern Living, Forbes,, Clean Plates, and more....

Wednesday: Seeking RDs to interview for a seasonal meal prep story + many job leads + more!

Tuesday: Working on new assignments on everything from Super Bowl entertaining to Mardi Gras + bunches of new published stories + a job lead!

Monday: Photo submission best practices, how to get free encyclopedia access, and everything going on this week!

Industry Insights: The Ultimate Guide To Submitting Photos To Media

Friday: Perhaps Someone Can Help Me Understand A Rather Curious Pitching Tactic?

Thursday: I delved deep into the rising cost of lettuce (+ more newly published stories, from eye cream to air fryer brownies!)

Wednesday: Loved this piece on media trends in 2023 + newly published gift guides

Tuesday: Fun food news to share. Plus: Going into this week hot with my latest published stories, pending assignments, and upcoming travel schedule

Monday: Recreating a tasty bit of Emily in Paris at home + lots of Valentine's content is now published!

Industry Insights: How To Avoid The Dreaded Email Bounce

TGIF: Last night's happy hour was a HUGE success + my first Valentine's Day gift guide of the season is now live!

Wednesday: Notice that lettuce has gotten crazy pricey? I'm investigating that for a new assignment + everything else I'm working on this week...

Tuesday: About friendship, the upcoming NYC happy hour, and National Pizza Week.

Monday: Check out my easy-to-follow guide to a week of meal prep + plus pending stories and more.

Industry Insights: How to have stronger and more meaningful PR/media relationships in 2023

Friday: A rundown of my (15...!) pending assignments going into the weekend + some thoughts on decluttering your life in the new year

Thursday Edition: Hot off the (inbox?), I'm working on FIVE NEW GIFT GUIDES. Read more within.

Stories pending for a half-dozen outlets -- including more Valentine's Day content!

Tuesday: Hitting the ground running on a VERY busy first week of 2023

Happy New Year! Here's some quick tips to be far more productive in the new year.