Sitemap - 2022 - Aly Walansky's Newsletter

Great news to share today: My podcast appearance is now live + Muck Rack's list of top 10 journalists of 2022 is here!

Tuesday: A heartfelt thanks + everything I'm working on going into the holiday

Monday: Happy birthday to me!

Thursday: Check out this piece on media relations predictions going into 2023. Also: My newest assignments and pending stories.

Wednesday: A wee bit of a humble brag, and also a discussion about the importance of connecting on social media

Tuesday: SUPER timely pitch needs and my guide to how to edit your email list

Monday Edition: The frenzy before the calm

Industry Insights: Planning And Executing A Great Group Press Trip

Friday: This wild week is finally coming to a close (but there's some fun to come!)

Thursday: I have a pretty INSANE story to share.

Wednesday: Podcast prep, job leads, and everything else going on today

Tuesday: A bunch of newly published holiday stories, fresh assignments pending, and some things we need to talk about.

Monday: Exciting news to share!

Industry Insights: The Crucial Importance Of Vetting Sources For Stories -- And Journalists, As Well.

Friday: Believe it or not, I'm working on my first Valentine's gift guide of 2023 -- about a dozen other new stories pending, too!

Thursday: It's annual review time. Here's how those who are self-employed can conduct a self-review.

Wednesday: Looking for chefs to comment for some quick-turnaround food stories + more!

Tuesday: A rundown on COB vs. EOD (And why it matters) - also, a newly published gift guide!

Monday: Check out all my recently published gift guides (as well as everything I'm working on this week)

Tuesday: Our community is so amazing, and I'm incredibly grateful

Monday: Why yes, I'm working on more stories for the holidays (including a SUPER last-min Thanksgiving-related piece!)

Industry Insights: A few words in memory of a friend, and some tips on the right and wrong way to follow up

Thursday: From gift guides to Black Friday, lots of newly published stories.

Wednesday: There's still time to pitch my pending gift guides. Also: Here's how you can win a FREE consulting session with me for your entire company.

Tuesday: No rest for the wicked -- I have THREE new holiday gift guides I'm working on!

Monday: A refresh on the right and wrong way to send photos. Also: Job leads and what I'm working on for this week

Industry Insights: The Importance Of Learning To Respect Boundaries In Media Relationships

Friday: My roundup of nearly 100 places treating veterans to meals this Veterans Day. Also: All stories published this week and everything pending into the weekend.

Thursday: There's A LOT going on today -- new assignments, new stories published, and a new recipe!

Wednesday: We're at the midpoint of the week and there's a bunch of newly published stories to share

Tuesday: How I prioritize tasks on my busy agenda. Also: So many new stories in the works!

Hitting the ground running on a busy Monday! Newly published HGGs, job leads, and more.

Industry Insights: How To Avoid Ending Up In The Spam Folder

Friday: New gift guide assignments pending! Also: A timely reminder about perishable mailings and deliveries

Thursday Edition! Your questions, answered: A discussion on the best day/time to send that pitch

Wednesday: A few words in memory of Julie Powell. Also: A bit of an explainer on the Substack app's new chat feature.

Tuesday: My first holiday gift guide of the season has been published! Also: Three fun announcements.

Monday: My thoughts on the Twitter pay-for-verification news, also new job leads and what I'm working on for this week

Industry Insights: How To Use Social Media to "Flirt" With Journalists

This Has Been A Flurry Of A Friday! (And a few new stories pending, going into the weekend...)

Thursday: Trying to hit the ground running on a busy day (and this insomnia ain't helping...)

Wednesday: Why we need to stop assuming everyone is Nostradamus, and a bunch of newly published stories!

Tuesday: How we can all help each other survive this wildly busy time

Monday: I'm working on some fun new stories this week! Also: Did you catch last night's turkey breast in air fryer demo?

Industry Insights: Using HARO? Here's how to use it better.

Friday: I have an ASAP need for commentary from both dermatologists and RDs! Scroll to open story opps for more information.

Thursday: Here's how to win a free consulting session for your agency. Also: everything I'm working on today and into the weekend

Wednesday: Some frequently asked questions, answered -- and also lots of newly published stories and open opps!

Tuesday: A discussion on pitching etiquette, ride vouchers, and more (Plus some new assignments!)

Monday Edition: Hitting the ground running this week with a ton of new assignments!

Industry Insights: Everything You Need To Know About Pitching Your Client For Holiday Gift Guides

Friday: Lots of assignments pending, and a dream internship opp for any royal lover!

Thursday Newsletter: The Embargo Question And A Note About Sending Messengers (Also, bunches of new assigned stories and new published links - and a job lead!)

Wednesday Newsletter: The calm before the (NYCWFF) storm is actually quite stormy itself

Tuesday Edition: An explainer on why writers can't just "squeeze" your client into a published story

Monday: My first batch of this season's holiday gift guide assignments. Also: The right and wrong way to submit photos.

Industry Insights: Here's Why Your Story Isn't Getting Coverage

Friday: Last night was so fun! Also: Why virtual events are still a really great idea (and what I'm working on today and through the weekend!)

Thursday: Here's what I'm working on today

Wednesday Edition: Lots of new stories are live!

Tuesday: Learning how to ritualize your writing, and why that matters

Monday Edition: This week's pending assignments and newly published stories!

Industry Insights: Best practices for creating a subject line that will get your email opened - and read!

Friday Edition: Ending the week strong, and lots of stories pending!

Thursday Newsletter: 'Tis the season (already?!)

Hump Day: En route to Knoxville!

Tuesday: Newly published stories, this week's assignments, and my recipe for potato kugel with schmaltz-fried onions!

Happy Monday: Have a sweet new year, what I'm working on this week (and my recipe for apple strudel egg rolls!)

Industry Insights: How To Be A Better Interview Source (And be included in more stories!)

Friday Newsletter: Hello from Louisville (And some tips on how to work from an airport during a flight delay!)

Thursday Newsletter: En route to Louisville!

Wednesday Edition: Reuniting with old friends, the SWEETEST job lead, and everything I'm working on this week

Tuesday Edition: A HUGE thank you. Also: Many new assignments, recently published stories, and job leads

Monday Edition: Some exciting news to share!

Friday Edition: Playing the long game, and the value of making lasting impressions

Thursday Edition: Here's why an experiential dining experience is the ideal way to set the mood on a press trip

Wednesday Edition: Hello from Greenville!

Tuesday Edition: My thoughts on how productivity is all about maintaining momentum

Monday Edition: Gearing Up For A Busy Week

Industry Insights: Listen To The Full Recording Of This Week's AMA Zoom Event!

Special Friday Edition: A Few Words In Honor Of Her Majesty The Queen

Thursday Edition: Thanks so much for making yesterday's AMA Zoom event such a huge success!

Wednesday Edition: Final reminder about today's AMA Zoom Event, loads of newly published stories -- and new assignments pending for this week

Tuesday Edition: Last call for our AMA Zoom, pending stories, and what's going on this week.

Industry Insights: Working on workplace kindness this Labor Day

Friday Edition: Here's what is going on right now (for anyone still out there!)

Thursday Edition: The incredible event I went to last night, tons of newly published stories, and more!

Wednesday Edition: So much going on today! New stories, too.

Tuesday Edition: Exciting update about our upcoming AMA session, plus newly published stories and pending assignments

Special Edition: All the details to attend our upcoming AMA Zoom Event!

Monday Edition: Send me your Labor Day restaurant deals! Also: Fun news clips, and everything I'm working on this week

Industry Insights: The Importance Of Inclusive Scheduling When Planning Events

Friday Edition: One Thing You Can Do At Your Virtual Event Sure To Get Everyone Engaged

Thursday Newsletter: Get the scoop on how to get free burgers today nationwide! Also: pending stories and job leads

Wednesday Edition: The new Archetypes podcast is a must-listen! Also: My next Zoom AMA, pending stories, job leads...

Tuesday Edition: Super ASAP need for sources, lots of newly published stories, and a bunch of job leads!

Monday Edition: 10-minute eggplant parm, pending assignments, and some tips for pitching as we roll into holiday gift guide season

Industry Insights: Here's What Doing Laundry Taught Me About Productivity

Friday Edition: Bunches of new pending assignments, job leads, and does anyone know a marine biologist?

Thursday Newsletter: Spicy shrimp recipe, TONS of job leads, and a last call to send your Labor Day sales info

Wednesday Newsletter: Have you attempted batch working? Also: Job leads, newly published stories, and more!

Tuesday Edition: I'm back in Brooklyn! Also: The most fun story I've gotten to write in a while.

Aly's Monday Newsletter: How to work from an airport, a bunch of job leads, and a Vegas update!

Industry Insights Edition: How To Be Productive While Working From A Hotel Room

Aly's Friday Newsletter: Hello From Las Vegas (Also: Some tips on working while moving between time zones.)

Thursday Newsletter: How to get work done while on a plane, some fun news, and freshly published stories!

Wednesday Edition: Lots of newly published content, job leads, and a surprising way to be more productive

Tuesday Newsletter: The art of ritualizing, my new special group rate discount, job leads, and today's assignments!

Monday Edition: New assignments this week, creating to-do list subcategories, and how to get a steeply discounted group subscription!

A Rundown Of My Current And Recent Outlets

Industry Insights: How To Submit Expert Commentary That Writers Will Want To Use In Their Stories

Friday Edition: A few housekeeping notes, story updates, and lots of breaking food news!

Thursday Edition: How To Work From Home During A Power Outage (otherwise known as Aly trying to turn an annoying day until a productive one!)

Hump Day Edition: Why journalists love when you share our stories on social, and today's story leads

Tuesday Edition: Upcoming travel, maintaining focus, and my latest published stories

Aly's Monday Newsletter: The right (and wrong) way to send journalists images, newly published stories, and a fun air fryer cleaning hack!

Weekend Industry Insights Edition: A Note On Scheduling Emails

Aly's Friday Newsletter: What I did last night, new stories I'm working on, and job leads!

Aly's Thursday Newsletter: On slowing down, and taking the time to be the best we can be

Aly's Wednesday Edition: Tons of newly published stories, pending assignments, how to start your day a little brighter, and job leads!

Aly's Tuesday Newsletter: All the best Barbiecore cocktails, newly published stories, and today's tip

Monday Edition: Lily's Sweet 16, the sriracha shortage, and what I'm working on today!

Industry Insights: Here's Why You Were Not Included In That Story (And How To Up Your Odds)

Aly's Newsletter: How To Make The Most Of Your Friday

Thursday Newsletter: Barbiecore macarons, cheesy martinis, and trying to turn a failure mindset into a growth mindset

About last night, some new stories I'm working on, and a tip to make calendar management WAY easier

Aly's Tuesday Newsletter: Thank You For Helping Me Hit the 5,000 Subscriber Milestone!

Aly's Monday Newsletter: Turning lost time into found time, a few new recipes, and here's what I'm working on for this week

Industry Insights: How To Communicate More Effectively

TGIF! Here's what I'm working on for the weekend.

Aly's Thursday Newsletter: Today's theme is all about indulgence

Hump Day Edition: What I'm working on today, some newly published links, and today's productivity tip

Aly's Tuesday Newsletter: Today's tip of the day, job leads, and newly published stories!

Aly's Newsletter: My key to mastering Manic Mondays, and some new stories I'm working on

Industry Insights: Simple Ways To Be Kinder To Each Other

Aly's Friday Newsletter: On Anxiety, Insomnia, And Trying To Maintain Focus Anyway

Aly's Thursday Newsletter: Newly published stories, job leads, and a small way to start the day off right.

Aly's Hump Day Newsletter: Job leads, today's productivity tip, and some spicy news

Aly's Newsletter: Lets Get Back To Work

Industry Insights Edition: A Note In Defense Of Working On Weekends

Aly's Special Friday Edition: Tons of new assignments, great job leads, and a productivity tip you are all going to hate.

Aly's Newsletter: Here's why I'm into the minimalist approach to productivity (and job leads, what I'm working on, etc!)

Aly's Hump Day Newsletter: So many great job leads -- also what I'm working on, and today's tip of the day!

Happy Tuesday: Job leads, today's productivity tip, and pending story leads

Aly's Monday Newsletter: Links to newly published stories, a discussion about the world around us, and today's productivity tip

Industry Insights: Forget About Red Flags. What About Green Flags?

Aly's Friday Newsletter: New Travel Story Assignments, Today's Tip, And More!

Aly's Thursday Newsletter: The Benefits Of Insomnia, Today's Time-Saving Productivity Tip, And Story Leads!

Happy Hump Day! Today's Productivity Tip, New Pending Assignments, And Recently Published Stories...

Aly's Newsletter: Story opps, productivity tips, and how to get free subscription upgrade for you and a friend...

Aly's Industry Insights Newsletter: How To Get More Out Of Using HARO

Aly's Friday Newsletter: All About The Dirty Aly

Aly's Wednesday Newsletter: So Much Going On!

Aly's Tuesday Newsletter: Newly Published Stories, Recipes and TV Discussion, and Sending a Virtual Hug To All Of You

Aly's Monday Newsletter: A Reminder To Bring Your Own Sunshine This Week

Aly's Newsletter (Industry Insights Edition): Red Flags -- And What We Can Learn From Them

Aly's Newsletter: It's Finally Friday!

Aly's Thursday Newsletter: Exploding To-Do Lists, New Story Opps, and Flooded Basements

Aly's Wednesday Newsletter: Recipe content, furry friends, and new stories in the works

Aly's Newsletter: Tuesday Edition

Aly's Monday Newsletter: Turning Your Lemons Into Lemonade (Or Something Like That)

Aly's Newsletter Industry Insights Edition: What's Going On With Press Events?

Aly's Newsletter: It's Finally Friday!

Aly's Thursday Newsletter: The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, job leads, and what I'm working on

Aly's Newsletter: Exciting new projects, newly published gift guides, and what I'm working on today

Aly's Newsletter: Fire up that coffee, it's time to get back to work!

How To Get Media To Say Yes To Your Deskside Request

Aly's Newsletter: How to avoid the deadline domino effect (and last-min story opps!)

Aly's Thursday Newsletter: Story leads, Substack update, and a few thoughts

Wednesday Newsletter: Going Below The Belt & Last Night's This Is Us (And, Of Course, Story Opps!)

Aly's Newsletter: Tuesday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Monday's open stories!

How To Send An Email A Busy Journalist (With A Packed Inbox) Will Want To Open

Aly's Newsletter: TGIF edition

Aly's Wednesday Newsletter: This Is Us Recap, What I'm Working On, And Getting A Little Regal...

Aly's Tuesday Newsletter: Seeking RDs, Dermatologists, Vegans, Plant-Based Chefs, and more sources ASAP for current stories

Aly's Monday Newsletter: Here's Everything I'm working on today!

Aly's Newsletter: Here's How To Make It Easier For Me To Say Yes To Covering Your Client

Aly's Newsletter: TGIF (Also: Loads of new story leads, including gift guides!)

Aly's Thursday Newsletter: Tons of new story leads and an important reminder

Aly's Newsletter: New stories pending on this hump day (And my recap of last night's This Is Us!)

Aly's Newsletter: Tuesday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Back In New York City! Derby recap, and a bunch of super-short-turnaround nutrition stories pending.

Early AM Edition of Aly's Newsletter: Please Help Me Choose My Kentucky Derby Hat!

An important reminder about ethics in journalism (oh and stories and airport updates and such!)

Aly's Newsletter: 'This Is Us' recap, my exciting Kentucky Derby plans, and stories I'm working on today!

Aly's Newsletter: Tuesday Edition

Aly's Monday Newsletter: Back in NYC!

Aly's Friday Newsletter: Hello From The Sky!

Aly's Newsletter: It's a busy day!

Aly's Wednesday Newsletter: Last night's This Is Us, new recipe alert, and lots of pending Father's Day gift guides!

Aly's Newsletter: Tuesday Edition

The Importance Of Building And Maintaining Media Relationships

TGIF: Earth Day fun, matzah creativity, and some stories I'm working on!

Aly's Newsletter: Thursday Edition

Aly's Tuesday Newsletter: Tons of new story leads, and some more fun updates

Monday story leads, a weekend update + last chance to RSVP to tonight's subscriber Zoom event

Aly's Newsletter: Pre-holiday edition!

A savings alert for NYC commuters (and a bit of This Is Us discussion)

It's a rather bittersweet day to live in Brooklyn...

Aly's Newsletter: It's Another Manic Monday!

How To Pitch (Continued): Here's What Not To Do

Aly's Newsletter: Holy wowzer gift guide edition

Rainy day updates and *bunches* of new stories in the works!

Lots of story leads, and how to save some cash on that delivery habit...

Timely story lead: Send me your burrito day deals!

Aly's Newsletter: Manic Monday Edition

How to send a pitch (if you want journalists to be interested, that is)

Aly's Newsletter: Fri-yay Edition!

Story leads, the most meta cookie of all time, and sexy Bridgerton chat time

Updating Your Media List

“It has been said that, “Of all bitches dead or alive, a scribbling woman is the most canine."

Tons of story leads and a dose of raw vegan nostalgia

Work stuff with a side of sunny days and rye (bread)

Happy Spring! Here's what I'm working on today.

Aly's Favorite Productivity Tools And Apps

Happy Friday! Tons of new story leads!

L'chaim and Sláinte -- There's a lot to drink to today!

Aly's Newsletter: Wednesday Edition

Pi Day freebies and a slice of my (story) pie

Some housekeeping: FAQ and scheduling next subscriber Zoom

TGIF: Rounding up the week with fantastic sushi and fun grocery-related stories!

Aly's Newsletter: Thursday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Wednesday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Tuesday Edition

"Sing me a song of a lass that is gone. Say, could that lass be I?"

A guide to the best way to send photos to writers and editors

TGIF: Timely call for experts, and some new story leads.

Aly's Newsletter: Thursday Edition

Lots of new stories and an important call-to-action

Aly's Newsletter: Tuesday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Monday (PM) Edition

My first subscriber-only Zoom Q&A!

Aly's Newsletter: TGIF (for real)

Aly's Newsletter: Thursday Edition

Happy Hump Day: Tons of story leads today!

Story leads + a sweet one-day-only subscription sale!

A Bit Of An Etiquette Guide

Aly's Newsletter: Late Friday Edition

Today's Topics: Scammer-tainment And The Importance Of Not Wasting Each Other's Time

Tons of new stories pending....

Aly's Newsletter: Happy Valentine's Day!

Best Practices In Planning (And Accepting) A Group Press Trip

TGIF! Here's what I'm working on (also, a bunch of new job leads and stories published...)

Aly's Newsletter: Hump Day Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Tuesday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Happy Monday!

Can we talk for a bit about expert commentary?

It's Raining, It's Pouring, The Weekend Workload Is Soaring

Aly's Newsletter: Timely Call For Sources (And An Important Reminder)

Aly's Newsletter: Wacky Wednesday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Monday story leads, TV chat, and more!

How To Send An Engaging And Effective Media Mailer

Aly's Snow Day Story Leads (And Some Job Leads too!)

Aly's Newsletter: Wednesday Afternoon Edition

Tuesday story leads, job opps, and random TV musings

Aly's Newsletter: Monday Edition

TGIF: Pitch me! Lots of new story leads, and job opps, too!

After Pitching: Here's What Happens Next (And How We Can Understand Each Other Better)

Aly's Newsletter: Thursday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Wacky Wednesday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Monday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: How To Plan And Execute A Perfect Virtual Cooking Class

Aly's Newsletter: TGIF Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Story leads, lots of new stories published, and a bit on Zoom events

Aly's Newsletter: Manic Monday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: How To Pitch Me

Aly's Newsletter: Tons of new story assignments!

Aly's Newsletter: Thursday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Wednesday Edition

Aly's Newsletter: Back-To-Work Edition